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Students leave your Blacksburg

With the summer months coming to a close, Students prepare to return to school and think about their summers. While some students have taken advantage of some very nice relaxation, Others have really spent their summers with some incredible programs in incredible places to enhance their educations and future career options. plus getting to live in and experience a new city, She's gained valuable work know how.

"I worked in one of the tire plants doing designing modifications that may help you improve production quality and speed, Alspaugh expressed. "I actually put the engineering skills I've learned to use in real life. I still don't know what I can do after college, But having a summer job has helped me figure out what some of my options,

With the economy and job market having difficulties, Summer internships really help Virginia Tech students to get their collective foot in the door.

while other people students focused on valuable work experience, Others have narrowed in on research ventures. The National Science Foundation sponsors several studies around the country to support undergraduates for the summer in the Research Experience for Undergraduates program.

in line with the NSF's Web site, "The REU program supports active research participation by undergraduate students,

Junior civil engineering major Elaine Huffman participated in an REU this summer at The University of Notre Dame. The focus of the project was to research structures, Water systems and geologic conditions following earthquakes. Huffman's project was to research the structural integrity of schools in disasters.

"Not only did I get valuable research expertise, But I got to study something is important, Huffman pronounced.

The group at the Notre Dame site is doing field work in Thailand and Indonesia as a part of its experience.

"Getting to see firsthand the effects of the tsunami has really put the published information into perspective. it was an awesome experience, Huffman known.

Mallory Brangan also participated in an NSF funded REU. As a junior biochemistry and biology major, She has an interest in infectious disease, And her study took place at Indiana university Bloomington.

"to make 10 weeks, I worked in a proper lab, Doing actual research. It was exceptional, Brangan claims. "We fluorescently localized a putative peptidoglycan hydrolase protein in the gram positive bacteria Streptococcus pneumonia, Brangan unleashed.

For those of us who have no notion what that means, She solved: "I fused a protein that glows to a protein that we think might maintain the cell wall. If helpful, Which we have no idea of yet, the position of the protein of interest will be seen with a fluorescent microscope at different stages in cellular division,

Brangan found her see very rewarding. When she concludes at Tech, She hopes to continue her studies in biochemistry.

"I really love science and studying disease. I would not trade my routine this summer for anything, Brangan menti one d.

If you aren't going to already impressed with what Virginia Tech students are doing with their summers, make sure you meet senior Alek Duerksoe. Duerksen has majors in mining and minerals architectural with minors in creative writing and geology. He spent his summer getting work experience for a company that makes mining equipment in Chile as part of a scholarship.

Duerksen was very slow about his choice to study in Chile.

"As a single area, Chile is the most important nation for P in terms of shovels sold and services performed. they likewise have the most advanced and developed techniques for optimizing shovel maintenance, Duerksen proclaimed.

His work saw him to come up with and executing his entire project himself, In speaking spanish no less.

"What it makes it so cool is that I didn't get stuck doing something boring like time studies or typing values into spreadsheets I was able to independently develop a project that has the opportunity to be applied at a global level, Duerksen shown. "It has been unbelievable work experience, Both in terms of practicality for job placement and in self improvement as a mining engineer. It has far exceeded my your outlook of what a summer job could be, And I know that it is an experience that has been nothing but beneficial and that I will remember for a considerably long time,

Senior art major Jessica Harllee is and also road to learn some new and exciting things for her summer. She will be considering a visit to California to a showcase on time lapse photography. She has been helping her friend with his project throughout the last eight months.

"The project uses a motion control camera to document Charlie as he loses weight during a period of time, spoken Harllee. "He's going to create interactive animations from the footage that can be seen in a gallery setting or online. This allows him to visualize his weight loss instead of relying on numbers,

Many important and vital companies such as Pixar, Autodesk and ILM will be at the store. in adition to showcasing her work and helping her friend, Harllee hopes to have valuable contacts.

"It will give me the opportunity to see what's going on in the industry right now, What's coming up and maybe even cook some contacts, Harllee cited.

additionally, Senior mechanical engineering major Alex Navin showed that one need not leave [url=]beautiful in spanish[/url] Blacksburg to make a real impact. He has done research in both film cooling efficiency and gas turbine blade analysis.

His group has been fitting in with design new film cooling holes for the [url=]cute spanish girls[/url] vanes and blades in gas turbine engines. These are very important to cooling functions in engines.

"For this I have actually designed and built a test rig to test 100X scale types of film cooling holes, Navin had said. His work will swiftly help out some graduate students with their theses.

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