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Every year, millions of emails, phone calls, and text messages are received with fraudalent activity that convinces people to hand over their identity and hard earned money with just an email or two. Types of scams include lottery, charity, work-from-home schemes, get rich quick schemes, and many more. These scams are worldwide and the location of these scammes may vary. The fact that these scams continue and are only getting more clever and more abundant are because they are working. With natural disasters and other events happening frequently every year, there will always be scammers looking to cash in on the situation at hand. This website was created to try and help curb or stop scams completely. This website allows for you to share your scams and stories with us while remaining anonymous. We are just looking to spread the word to prevent people from falling for these tricks and being scammed.

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Most commonly scammed people:

Major companies are scammed out of millions of dollars every year, including Facebook and Google, who are no strangers to scam artists tricking them into paying large sums of money.

Top countries involved in scams:

  1. Latvia and Nigeria
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