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I’ve pretty much always enjoyed watching Penn in everything, not despite of his hambone tendency to milk every moment of every shot but because of it. This stupid movie is no exception, and in the intervals between killings and explosions, Penn brings such carved-stone gravity and depth of sadness to Jim that you almost believe his penitent-Christ shtick will atone for all the greed of capitalism and all the crimes of imperialism. As far as I’m concerned, Penn’s erratic personal life, political grandstanding and undisguised loathing of the media come with the package; he’s one of the last people left in Hollywood who embraces the full Brando tradition of stardom as a job that demands endless egotism and blatant obnoxiousness, and who can back it up with actual talent.
Maybe the best way to summarize “The Gunman” is that it’s a terrible idea, a fatal morass of meretricious values and bogus sentimentality, which is executed really, really well. It’s a globetrotting action-espionage thriller in the “Bourne Identity” vein, shot in Africa, Barcelona, London and the bowels of an aquarium in Gibraltar (although to my great disappointment no one is thrown into the shark tank) and directed by Pierre Morel, a Luc Besson protégé who made the first “Taken” movie in 2008. It appears to have been constructed as a star vehicle for Sean Penn, who is one of its producers. Without disputing either Penn’s filmmaking clout or his acting prowess, this is a really weird choice even by his standards. Here we have a 54-year-old, two-time Oscar winner, a consummate actor’s actor who has played all kinds of parts in all kinds of films, trying to blaze a new path as the second coming of Jason Statham or Vin Diesel. - Nike KD 11 Game Royal Sale

I quite enjoyed “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” in patches, like the super-creepy scene when Clary has to enter the catacombs where all former Shadowhunters are interred, presided over by some corpse-like monk-dudes with stitched-up mouths, in order to get her repressed memories back. But a lot of it is super-generic fight scenes and Clary not quite getting to kiss Jace for various reasons, and you almost never get that feeling of specific gravity, of commitment to the universe, that was present even in the most extreme dumbass moments of the “Twilight” and “Potter” movies. I imagine fans of Clare’s books will find this movie largely satisfactory, but it’s distinctly a rush job, an almost random collection of sexy-supernatural teen signifiers aimed at squeezing the penultimate dollars out of a declining trend. There’s something almost cool about that. (But, OK, not quite.) - Jordan Shoes US

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