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date: Jan 7, 2019, 3:11 PM

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Washington D.C, United States of America

Dear, Sir/Madam

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Office in Washington D.C is pleased to send this important e-mail to you concerning your outstanding payment valued $15,000,000.00 (fifteen million dollars only) which was officially approved in your name by the United Nations Organization in conjunction with the United State Government.

Federal Reserve Bank was recognized to handle the payment process been the most decorated and reputable bank in the United States. The Federal Reserve bank management reported to the United Nations legal Representative that the payment of your fund could not be completed successful because of your inability to comply with their banking requirements which is the legal and genuine method of transferring large sum of money, after much consultations/meetings held in respective of your overdue funds the aforementioned offices have agreed to process your fund as an international banker’s draft (certified check) in other to make it easy and smooth for you as the beneficiary and the paying officer and to ensure hitch free in releasing of your fund, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent was assigned to handle the delivery of your certified check.

Through this medium we wish to inform you that we have made inquiries about your payment file to ensure that all the necessary paperwork is intact and complete but luckily we are able to discovery that some of the paperwork is required to be sign and stamp by the chief judge of Supreme Court of Washington D.C and to facilitate the signing and stamping process you are required to pay the official mandatory fee calculated to be total sum of $450 (four hundred fifty dollar) only been the only financial responsibility you are obligated to as stated on your payment file.

At this juncture, we urge you to provide us with your personal information as listed below to confirm the authentication of the previous information and also for correction of any error that may be needed to corrected before we will authorized the FBI agent in charge of delivery your certified check to proceed with the delivery, meanwhile we observed that you have been in communication with some unauthorized officials from different office and we advice you to desist from any communication you are having with any other official/office or we will open investigation on you and your certified check delivery will be delay even there is a tendency we will transfer your fund to federal treasuring account as unclaimed funds, so we urge you to stop every other communications you are having with any other office/official.

Below are the list of information you need to reconfirm

Home Address:
Phone number:
Valid ID:

Thanks for your corporation and we encourage you to commence immediate communication with our newly authorized agent Hector Dominic handling the delivery of your certified check to your designated home address, his email address ( and should you need any further clarifications concerning your certified check delivery contact the undersign person or email us (

Respective in service,
Mr. Houston David
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Washington D.C United States of America

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